Independent Wholesale Welding Supply
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Fit Up Gear

Welding Accessories

Adaptors Lenco Adaptors & Connectors  
Adjustment & Cross Slides Profax WCS-222 Adjustable Slide
Profax Welding Slide & Cross Slide
Anti Heat Tempil Anti-Heat Absorbing Compound
Backing Bar Ceramic Backing Bar Ceramic Backing Bar & Backing Tape
Bloxide Tempil Bloxide Weldable Primer  
Brite Zinc B-100 Brite Zinc  
Brushes Brushes
Cable Reel RPM Cable Reel Holder
Cannisters Rod Guard Cannisters & Parts RST Rod Storage Tubes
Chipping Hammer Lenco Chipping Hammers  
Clamps Arcforce Clamps Lenco Ground Clamps
Coolant Coolant Fluid
Connectors Dinse Style Cable Connectors Lenco Dinse Connectors
MC500 & MC500HD Cable Connectors
Dye Penetrant Inspection Dye Penetrant Inspection & Anti Spatter
Electrode Holder Electrode Holder Lenco Isolator
Lenco Eectroder Holder
Engineers Chalk Engineers Chalk
Fit Up Gear Fit Up Gear Fit Up Gear Catalogue
Gauges Gal Gage Gauges WG-PF-2pcs Pocket Weld Gauge
Gal Gage Gauges Kits Arcforce Welding Gauges
Profax & IWWS Gauges
Gunny Dog GD-15 Gunny Dog
Inspection Kits AWSTOOLKIT Gal Gage Tool Kit CAT12 Briefcase Inspection Kit
Inspection Mirrors AFMLED_ AFMITS Inspection Mirrors E2TM_B2TM Inspection Mirrors
LACO Chemical Products Laco Chemical Products
Includes: Cloth, Wipes, Pipe Thread Sealant,
Leak Detector and Flux Paste
Magnetic Angles
Magnetic Ground Clamps
Magnetic Squares
Magnetic Angles, Ground Clamps & Squares
Mag Pry Dog & Wedge MPML-V2 Mag Pry
Mag pry and Dog & Wedge
Markers Markal Industrial Markers  
Milling Discs K19950_K20114 Milling Discs
Nozzle Dip K108-16 Nozzle Dip Gel
Optimus & Progress Holder Vlamboog Progress & Optimus Holders  
Oven Arcforce Electrode Ovens  
Pipe Ground CPG400 Lenco Pipe Ground
Purge Dam & Tape Dissolvo Water Soluble Purge dam & tape
Pyromark Pyromark  
Scraper and Plier MO-106 Scraper & YS-50 Plier
Solar Flux SFTB Solar Flux Type B  
SpeedTap Speedtaps  
Spray Gal K109-13 Wasp SPray Gal  
Squares WCS Squares
Stool 785800 Welders Stool
Tig Finger & Super Arm Cooler Tig Finger & Super Arm Cooler Tig Finger
Thermishield W000274839 Thermisheld  
Thermometer Infrared Tempil Thermometer
Tempilaq Tempilaq  
Tempilstik Tempilstik  
Torch Holder Magnetic Torch Holder  Arcforce Torch Holder
Weldaid Products W007022 Nozzle Kleen #2
 W007030 Anti Spatter
W007088 Weld Kleen Aerosol  
Welding Cable Arcforce Welding Cable  
Welding Table Welding Table
Windshield WW-1 Welders Windshield  
Wipes EZ Wipes